Recent Reads..

These are the books I’ve just finished reading. I’ve just realised both the surnames are the same..
Night Walks by Charles Dickens are short stories on his experience of wandering the streets of London. As its Dickens it deals a lot with the poverty he sees, there is also a brilliant story about when he gets lost as a boy in London and gets chased by ‘rough boys’.
The other book is by Monica Dickens about two teenage girls whose paths cross but who live very different lives. It is about how our life is made up of choices and opportunities but how we are also predestined to by our early life experiences and how they effect the choices we make.
Both these books deal with extreme poverty and are reminder of how lucky we are to live in a country with a free health service, free education and a benefit system. I just hope that we don’t lose them and end up leaving people to fend for themselves. Both a very good reminder of what can happen to people in need if they are not helped.